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Can I record my Zoom class meeting?
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Course Recordings Informed Consent Form

If you would like to record course sessions that feature students’ names, voices, and/or images, you’ll need to secure Informed Consent. See a sample Informed Consent Form below. To use the form, just create a copy, fill it out with the appropriate information, and post it as a Canvas post/assignment. Once students have completed the form and returned it to you, you can review them to ensure you’ve got the green light.

If the form does not include the types of permissions you need, please speak with your chair and/or dean. You’ll need to receive dean approval prior to altering the form with more than your direct contact and classroom information.

You’ll also notice the Informed Consent Form has limitations on where and how recordings can be shared, used, and stored. You’ll want to make sure that you adhere to these guidelines.

Below the Informed Consent Form, we’ve also provided you with potential solutions If Students Do Not Consent to Recordings, a small list of FAQs, and Faculty Resources for Recording.

If Students Do Not Consent to Recordings

  1. Consult with the student. Go over the form to make sure they understand that recordings will not travel beyond the individual course and will be password protected and unavailable for download. It may also be that the student is fine with certain types of recordings (like audio) and not with others (like video). Any exemptions or alterations to the form or agreement will need to be cleared through your dean prior to implementation. At no time should we suggest that a student must consent to recordings or mute themselves within the class in order to participate. It is the instructor’s responsibility to accommodate.
  2. Make use of multi-sign in and screens. Place the students and chat on one screen (and computer), and sign in on a second screen (and computer). When a student who has not granted permission has a question, you can then either a) have any and all students type questions directly into chat b) designate a (rotating) student who does not mind being recorded to monitor the chat and say the word “Question” whenever there is one, allowing you to pause the recording. See Zoom recording layouts below for more help.
  3. Pre-record lectures for which there are generally many questions, and then a) do not record the conversation that results when watching and answering questions with students during your synchronous session. b) Assign reading and review materials prior to the lecture and collect questions regarding those materials that you then incorporate into your lecture.
  4. Host “lecture” and “discussion” sessions with students. Lecture sessions are clearly posted as recorded and live questions are not permitted until the lecture portion has concluded. Discussion sessions are understood as largely interactive and will not be recorded.

We understand none of the above workarounds are ideal. Please contact us at [email protected], if we can provide additional assistance.


Q: Could there be a one-page sheet that explains the procedures for recording the lectures and not recording the students?

A: The hard part about this is that not everyone is using the same software. The Zoom and Google Meet procedures are in the Faculty Resources for Recording Guidance below.

Q: When students ask questions, even if they are not identified by name, their voice is on the recording. Is it acceptable to edit out their voice and provide a summary of the question in a close caption format?

A: Yes. There should be zero student identifiers in the recording that is produced. Recordings may not be stored or shared with any identifiers.

Q: Do students need to sign the consent, even if professors edit out any images, names, and voices as long as the students are verbally informed of this?

A: Please contact [email protected], so that we can modify the consent form to an acknowledgment that they have been informed recording is happening but that it will not feature anyone by name, voice, or visual likeness.

Q: Can students record if they ask permission?

A: Students do not have permissions to record. The only exception would be a student with accommodations. Please contact Accessibility Disability Resource Center at [email protected].

Q: Can departments who have a cohort model have one consent for the program?

A: Yes. As long as all courses and instructors are listed on the consent form students sign.

Q: I still need help. What do I do?

A: Feel free to contact [email protected], and we’ll get you connected with the appropriate offices for help.

Faculty Resources for Recording Guidance

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