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Group Role Accounts: Their Purpose and How to Use Them
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What Are Group Role Accounts?

Group Role Accounts are department emails that provide a central log in for employees as well as an address for outside individuals to contact the department.

Group Role Accounts are also the preferred method for student workers of the department to log in.

All group role accounts are subject to the following rules and capabilities:

  • Access to Global Address List
  • Calendar Features
  • Network Printing
  • By request, they will have access to the department share drive (M)

Department Staff are in charge of monitoring the account making sure that access is still valid, when a student is terminated from the department it is required that the password be changed.

Group role account passwords can be changed at the following site:

Logging Into a Group Role Account

Please Note: Group role accounts do not have access to

To sign in, go to - the log in should show the CAS login page:

Net ID: Name of Group Role (without

Ex: [email protected]

Net ID: apucougar

Password: Current Password That Has Been Set For Group Role Account

Creating a Group Role Account

Your department can request a group role account by filling out the form below:

Group Role Account Request Form


For any further inquiries, please email the Support Center at [email protected]

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