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Free University Software Downloads
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This page has software that students, faculty, and staff can download and use at no cost. In order to download these files you will need your APU NetID and password.

Apple macOS:

GlobalProtect VPN (Check out the Installation Guide)
JMP Pro 17 (Check out the Installation Guide)
IBM SPSS Statistics (Check out the Installation Guide)

Microsoft Windows:

GlobalProtect VPN 64bit (Check out the Installation Guide - 32bit also available)
JMP Pro 17 (Check out the Installation Guide)
SAS Studio (Check out the Installation Guide) (SAS Studio License)
IBM SPSS Statistics (Check out the Installation Guide)
Fortinet VPN

Additional Software

These links will send you to other support pages or websites that contain useful software:
Acrobat Reader
Citrix Receiver
Dedoose (Simply download from this link and use your APU Credentials to activate it. Tutorials/documentation can be found here)
Mozilla Firefox Web Browser
Google Chrome Web Browser
Windows Defender Antivirus - Recommended for Windows Users.

When downloading and installing any of these files please be sure that you unpack the files before installing. Please contact IT if you have any questions.

Please Note: Faculty and staff, any software that is not listed here will need to be purchased by your department. To purchase software, please have an account number ready, along with the product name/version, and send an email to [email protected] for processing.

A note on personal software: Other sources for personal software include and CollegeBuys allows the purchase of personal software with an educational discount. JourneyEd provides options for students as well as staff in regards to software including classroom packages on certain items. Upon purchase, these sites may require verification of your affiliation with an educational institution through the use of a .edu email address and payment verification.

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