How to Troubleshoot Formstack Workflow Login Issues

As a participant in a Workflow, you will receive the following email:


If you click either the Open Form link ( circled in black ) or the Visit Workspace to Complete Task button ( circled in orange ) - it will take you to the form to approve.


If the form does not load or loads an advertisement for Formstack please try the following:

  • Clear your Browser Cache and Cookies - try the link in your email again.
  • If that same error occurs, go to the right upper corner of your browser:
    • Open a new incognito window in Chrome ( or private window in Firefox / Safari) by clicking the vertical three dots or lines.
    • Type in in the URL
    • Click Sign in YourAPUNetID if you have that option or Sign in with Google
    • Use your APU Login credentials to access your account


Click on Workspace on the top black bar and click on the assigned tasks - they may be multiple subtasks to click through.



If you click either link and the following error message appears, you have already completed the task.



If you continue to experience issues, please contact

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