Frontier FiberOptic FAQ

What if I don’t live in University Village?

APU’s agreement with Frontier for FiberOptic internet only applies to the wireless service in University Village. Other University apartment properties and on-campus residences are provided internet through our regular APU Wireless Service. If you live in other apartments (Bowles or University Park) you may optionally and personally sign up for internet with the service provider of your choice.  

Do I have to order TV and Phone service?

No. This is not required. Frontier may try to offer additional services to you like TV and phone. If you choose to sign up for these services, you will need to provide your payment information for billing because APU will not cover the costs of additional services beyond FiberOptic internet. 

Who do I call if my internet is not working?

If you’re experiencing trouble with your Frontier FiberOptic internet service, you have a direct line to a local support center at 844.660.0648.

What do I do with the equipment in my room when I move out?

When you cancel your service, you may need to return the equipment to Frontier.  If you need to return it, Frontier will instruct you to return one (typically black) box to them. You will be provided a shipping box by Frontier. Please note, you will leave the other equipment (typically white) which terminates the physical fiber cabling where it has been installed by the Frontier technician. 

What equipment will stay in my room and what will get returned?

Frontier will instruct you to return your wireless router (typically black). This equipment provides the wireless signal for your unit. There is other equipment installed in your unit that is used to terminate the fiber installed by the Frontier technician. This equipment is typically white. Please note that unreturned equipment could result in additional charges to you, not APU. 

What if my roommate is staying but I will be leaving?

If the service has been connected in your name, you will need to cancel and have the account reconnected in your roommate’s name. 

What about APUWIFI and MY-DEVICES?

APUWIFI and MY-DEVICES will still be available on campus, in non-UV residences, and Regional Campuses.

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