Recovering Deleted Files

We are no longer using Backupify!

What are our options to restore files?
Check the Trash: By design, Google keeps items in the trash for 25 days unless the customer deliberately clears it out.
Check Document History: customers might have thought to use Backupify to restore a documents to a specific point in time. If they wanted last week's copy of their document, they  might have used Backupify for that. Instead, Google Docs has a History feature that allows you to view and use a document from a specific point in time.

If you lose a file or email, 

  • find the date of the file because if it's been longer than 25 days IMT wont be able to restore it.
  • use Google's search features to search by title, edit dates, etc.
  • Find any folders the file might have been in.
  • Find other locations it could be, like trash/archive.

If it's not in trash, feel free to refer to this article!

If you need any further assistance, please contact the Support Center at (626) 815-5050 or email us at and we would gladly assist you with this!

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