Cougar Lock FAQ

Do I have to use Cougar Lock?

Unless your role at APU requires it, you do not have to use Cougar Lock. 


Why am I not able to disable Cougar Lock?

If you are unable to disable Cougar Lock, it is because your account is required to use it. If you feel like this is an error, please contact the Support Center. 


What Authenticator Apps can I use?

We recommend using Google Authenticator, Lastpass Authenticator, or Authy. Authy might be familiar to students due to its use with other services like Twitch and gaming platforms. However, Authy requires an additional user name and password which will add additional steps if you are not already using it. 

What happens if I lose or break my phone and can’t get the token?

You will be able to reconfigure your authentication application by using the recovery codes you saved when you initially set up your account. 


What happens when someone loses their phone and does not have their recovery codes?

The account holder calls the Support Center. After verifying the identity of the person with the same criteria used to reset passwords, the Support Center will be enabled to reset the MFA record for the account and the account holder can re-setup MFA. 


What is the most common issue seen after MFA has been set up? 

Sometimes, people do not print/save out their recovery codes. Because of this, when a phone is lost or a new phone needs to be configured the MFA record needs to be reset. Tooling for this event has been provided to the Support Center. 

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