Setting up Cougar Lock

Cougar Lock is APU's MFA (Multi-factor authentication) security tool. This adds an extra layer of security to your APU account and reduces the risk of your account being compromised.  

Once enabled for your APU account, Cougar Lock will prompt you for an verification code through a MFA authentication app (see below). The first time you log in on a new device the login will ask for your MFA code. After that, your session will be saved on that device for about a month before it asks again.


What you will need:

Detailed Instructions

Step 1: Enable Cougar Lock for your account

Log in to with your APU ID and Password.
Use the menu to navigate to Cougar Lock found under My Profile.mceclip0.png

Click the Enable button to enroll your APU Account.
Click the Sign Out link to proceed with setting up your verification code application in Step 2.

Step 2: Cougar Lock Setup (one time setup)

Once MFA has been turned on for your account and an authenticator app has been installed on your phone, log into your APU account at

You will be taken to the setup page with a QR code, "One Time Use Codes" and a final confirmation.
(See Sample Page Below)


  • Open the MFA app and use the camera to scan the QR Code. If you are using a group role account across multiple people, each person will need to scan this same code. 


  • Save/Print the page with QR code, "One Time Use Codes" and a final confirmation to a pdf or printer. Save them in a secure location (no sticky notes)
  • Confirm you have configured the app and saved the backup code then click "Register".
  • Use your the verification code generated from your authenticator app and type it in to the available field.

      mceclip3.png      mceclip2.png

Step 3: Using Cougar Lock

Congratulations: You're now using Cougar Lock and your account is more secure 🎉.

Most of the time, CAS will only require your password. Occasionally you will be prompted to authenticate with both your password and your verification code.


Please reach out to us:

(626) 815-6000, x5050

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