Google Meet + LockDown Browser for Live Quiz Proctoring

Prepping for the Quiz

1. Add Google Meet to your Canvas course

Click here to find the instructions on adding google meet to your Canvas course.

Anywhere you can access the Rich Content Editor in Canvas (Quizzes, Pages, Announcements, Discussions) you will find the Google Hangouts Meet (1) button.


Import Note: Make sure to Authorize Google Meet in Canvas using your account before proctoring.


2. Turn on LockDown Browser for the quizzes you want to proctor

Select Lockdown Browser in your course, then select Settings under the quiz you want to proctor.


Select Require Respondus LockDown Browser for this exam.


3. Communicate with students about using Meet during the quiz taking time

Use the Inbox tool or Announcements to help the students navigate to the newly created Google Meet link for your quiz.


Proctoring and Administrating the Quiz

1. Students and Instructor join the Google Meet tool in Canvas 

Add a Google Meet link directly in the description of the quiz (Instructions Here). You can also create a page that students can go to throughout your course to join the hangout. 


2. Instruct students to open LockDown Browser

Students will remain on the Meet call while they access the quiz via LockDown Browser.


3. Students complete the quiz and close Lockdown Browser

They can then navigate back to their web browser and Google Meet to resume class. 


  • Recording in Google Meet is possible and may be necessary. An email with the recording will be sent to the instructor after the meeting ends. 
  • Use the Tiled view in Google Meet as you proctor the quiz. This allows up to 49 webcams on one view.
  • A passcode can be used in the LockDown Browser settings and verbalized during the proctoring session to ensure authentic participation.
  • Use Moderate this Quiz during the quiz to watch students progress as they complete their quizzes. 
  • Consider encouraging students to mute their speakers but leave their microphones unmuted.

Watch the recorded session 










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