Accessing APU-Guest Wireless /WIFI

Accessing APU-Guest Wireless /WIFI

Access your wireless settings 





Select the APU-Guest Wireless Network:





You will then note that you are connected to APU-Guest Wireless





Open up a browser and you should see the following screen:


If this is the first time you are using APU-Guest click the Create Guest Account link

Fill in the required information and press submit



**After your account is created, you will also receive an email with your account information including your password. This information will be needed when you reconnect to APU-GUEST WIFI.  In the sample image, the password to the account is highlighted in yellow. Your password will be valid for 7 days.**


You will then be prompted with a screen providing you a username and a password. It is recommended that you copy the password, by highlighting the text and using Control+C on Windows or Command+C on the Mac



Press OK and you will then be prompted to enter your username and password 

You can use Control+V for Windows or Command+V for Mac to paste your password in the password field. Then click Sign On


You are able to access the internet now.


Connecting your Windows computer to APUWIFI

1) Start up and log onto your computer

2) In the bottom right corner of the screen there will be an icon of a world that is grayed out and has a skip sign in the top right of the area


3) There should be a number of networks to connect to, with the “APU” in front of the channels find and click on the one labeled “APUWIFI”


4) This will highlight that network, and there should be a “Connect” button, as well as a “Connect automatically” checkbox

5) Check the box if you want your computer to automatically connect to the selected network each time you log on to your computer (A good idea if you plan on logging onto this network with any frequency) keep the box unchecked if you want to manually login to the network each time you log on to your computer. Click the “Connect” button


6) This will bring up a “Windows Security” Network Authentication dialogue box which will prompt you to enter your username and password. Your username is your APU Net ID, it is your email address without the domain. For example, if your APU email address is “” your username would be “aperson15” The password to log on to APUWIFI is the same as the password you set to access your APU account.


7) Once you have entered those pieces of information click the “OK” button. A Windows Security Alert dialogue box will more than likely appear, asking if this is a legitimate connection, and if you want to continue to connect, or terminate the connection process. Click the “Connect” button.


9)Wait a couple of seconds and a little radio symbol will turn white and then you are connected 



How long is guest access available?

Guest accounts are valid for 7 days. Once a guest account expires, a new account will be required.

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