Adobe Pro 2020 Documentation

The following documentation for Adobe Acrobat Pro 2020 includes links to helpful tutorials and walkthroughs of each action listed as presented by Adobe’s support.

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Merge and Split

  • Learn how to combine, or Merge, multiple files together. Delete and reorder pages before saving the merged file as a complete document. 
  • Split, or Burst, one file into several files and easily control the amount of pages in the documents created. The split files will be saved in the original file folder.
  • Easily Organize the pages to create the PDF needed by either Replacing, Rotating, Deleting files in the document.
    • Ex: I have a document that needs a page to be inserted, another page to be rotated to the correct orientation and two extra pages that can be deleted. 
    • Add and organize pages in a PDF
  • Extract, or separate, out certain pages from a document.


  • Add and format text boxes to the document. Adjust, crop, or rotate images found in documents.

Prepare Forms

  • Add a Checkbox to be used during Annotation edits.
    • Ex: I would like to check off a list of requirements.



  • PDF form field properties
    • Checkbox Style
      • Specifies the shape of the marker that appears inside the check box when the user selects it: Check (the default), Circle, Cross, Diamond, Square, or Star.
      • This property does not alter the shape of the check box itself.
      • Note: The size of the marker inside the check box is determined by the size of the font you specify in the Appearance tab.
    • Checkbox Is Checked By Default
      • Shows the check box selected unless the user deselects it.


  • Fill out a fillable PDF with previously entered text. Add checkmarks and a Signature by either typing, drawing, or uploading an image of a signature.


Customize the Toolbar

  • Easily customize the toolbar at the top of Adobe for easy access to the action buttons that are used most often.
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