Ark Delivery Site FAQ

What is ARK Delivery?

  • It is a site in ARK for Document Solutions to receive electronic documents from various departments in order to process and save them in the University Repository.
    • Think of ARK Delivery as a temporary filing folder on your desk - we come every day and take the documents you have prepped and organized to store them permanently into the larger filing cabinet.

How often do documents get processed?

  • The documents are downloaded and deleted every weekday at 8:30 pm by our system.
  • These documents are our highest priority the next morning and typically are in ARK before noon.
    • However, if a student calls out sick and we do not have enough coverage, we may be unable to process everything that day.

What if I need a document processed ASAP?

  • Please use our Ticket Form so that our team can quickly find and process the document(s) you need.
    • Click ARK > Rush on Document(s)

Can I still search for documents in ARK Delivery?

  • Yes, we require the APU ID in the File Name so that the document will be searchable by the most common search item: APU ID.

Why can I see the document but someone else cannot?

  • If this other person does not have access to ARK Delivery, they will not be able to see the documents within it.
    • If they should have access to ARK Delivery, please use our Ticket Form so that our team can give them access.
    • If they need access to the document asap, please use our Ticket Form so that our team can quickly find and process the document(s) you need.

What should the File Name be?

  • Please see our ARK Delivery Etiquette page for our official file name standard.
    • The file name should reflect the Student APU ID and Name.
    • Please note if you are submitting several documents for the same student - you must add something distinguishing to the File Name as documents with the same File Name will cause our system to error.
      • Most departments like to self code with additional information as they work with the documents.

What is the Return & Fix Folder?

  • This is a folder for us to put any documents that we could not process.
    • Either the document did not have an APU ID / was not in the correct Document Type folder or, most likely, our system could not process the document due to a corrupt file.
    • Please check the comment under the document for the reason we could not process it.
  • If you are our Point of Contact, you will get an email that there is a document in the folder for you to review.
    • Please fix it and drop the file into its proper Document Type folder.
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