A Faculty Guide to Remote-Hybrid Learning

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We know this is a complex time. The move to Remote-Hybrid teaching for our fall online pivot may bring many of us to a place where we don’t even know where to begin to redesign courses and pedagogy for the most effective student learning engagement.

What we are doing in the fall is not the same thing as our spring 2020 “emergency pivot.” Instead, while acknowledging the loss of our in-person expectations for being with students, we are now committing to a Remote-Hybrid course and pedagogy redesign for what we are calling a “re-imagined” learning opportunity. It won’t be the same, but it can still be a rich and rigorous academic experience for students, and potentially bring transformative elements to our own teaching-learning practice.

We’ve developed this guide, in conjunction with our faculty partner, Dr. Shawna Lafreniere, so that you can start wherever it makes the most sense for you and is primarily focused for those faculty members who are not experienced in fully online or blended learning environments. We’ve tried to address the most urgent needs in this first resource, with the idea that more resources are forthcoming. There will also be a variety of opportunities over the next several weeks and months to engage in real-time support. Feel free to contact us at for any needed assistance.


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