Netiquette for the Zoom Classroom

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Be Careful in Your Personal Presentation Online

  • Dress appropriately for the classroom, as with any professional environment
  • Choose a location without distractions.  Take particular interest in the noise factor and in what is behind you.
  • Avoid a posture that is overly casual.  Be framed well.  Look at those who are talking.

Be Present and Engaged in Learning

  • Avoid activities (such as texting, web searches, checking email) that keep you from being present in the learning experience.
  • Be prepared to offer input, including use the “chat” to communicate with the host-teacher.
  • Support class protocols for raising your hand to speak.
  • In breakout rooms, stay focused on the discussion you’ve been prompted to have.

Be your own Tech Support specialist 

  • Make sure your camera, video, mic and speakers are working before class starts.
  • Have Plan B ready if your internet shuts down or your need to move your audio to your phone.
  • Turn off your mic to start.  Turn it on when speaking.  Turn it off when not speaking.

Be Virtuous in Character and Conversation

  • Completely avoid language that is racist, sexist, derogatory, or prideful (Ephesians 4:29)
  • Listen carefully to others, seeking to honor their perspectives (Philippians 2:1-4)
  • Affirm each other, but don’t be afraid to challenge each other either (Ephesians 4:15)

Additional Reminders

  • Be aware that class sessions may be recorded.  If you do not want your comments being recorded, let the professor know.
  • Be aware of the diversity in our class.
  • Be aware that everyone, including the teacher-host, is learning how to maximize the virtual space for engaged learning.
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