How to schedule a Zoom meeting in Canvas?

  1. In your course, select Zoom on your course navigation menu. If you don't see it, you'll need first activate the Zoom tool
  2. Click the blue Schedule a New Meeting button in the upper right of the page.
  3. Select the settings you would like for your Zoom meeting.
    1. Topic: enter in a name for your session.
    2. Scheduling options: Select the date, start time, duration of meeting, time zone, and whether or not this will be a recurring meeting.
    3. Audio and Video options: Select whether or not you would like to use a webcam and whether to allow your students (participants) to share webcam video. For the audio options, we recommend selecting both so that if your students have any trouble with using their computer audio they can easily dial in to the meeting via a phone as well.
    4. Meeting options: Select the options that you wish to use.

      If you will not have any guest speakers (non-APU speakers) in your meeting, check the box to require that only authenticated users may join your meeting. This prevents anyone without a Zoom account from accessing your meeting.

    5. Alternative Hosts: If you wish to make a TA or co-instructor your meeting moderator or co-host, enter in their email address. Alternatively, you can always assign a co-host from within Zoom at any time during your meeting.
    6. Click the blue Save button at the bottom of the page.
    7. A meeting summary page will appear. On this page you can view the join URL or the meeting invitation. You can navigate away from this page by clicking Course Meetings in the upper left of the page to go back to your course's Zoom landing page. You can navigate back to the meeting summary page at any time if needed.
    8. Post a Canvas course announcement or send an email to your students notifying them of the date and time of your Zoom meeting. In this message, direct students to click on the Zoom link on your course navigation menu and join the meeting from there.

      We no longer recommend sharing your Zoom meeting's "join URL" with your students either within Canvas or via email for whole-course meetings because of the recent "zoombombing" that has occurred in Zoom class meetings. Requiring students to join from within your Canvas course site helps to secure your meeting from being hijacked by Zoom trolls. Learn more about securing your Zoom meetings.

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