Remote Credit Card Expense Reporting

We have a simple Credit Card Report Form for uploading your statement and receipts for your Wells Fargo Card to the Business Office, but you will need to do some prep work to get all your files in one place to complete the form all at once (e.g. google drive).

1. Finish your Wells Fargo online reconciliation. Choose Print and on the print screen, select Print to PDF. Save the file in a place you can find easily.


2. Print to PDF all digital receipts, scan physical receipts and save all receipts to the same location as step 1.

  1. For online purchases, such as Amazon, use Print to PDF to save the receipts.
  2. Scan physical receipts using one of the options below or a method of your choice.

How to Capture Your Receipts

NOTE: On iOS you will need to use the share button save the document to google drive after scanning


3. Upload your Statement and your Receipts to the Credit Card Report Form

Credit Card Report Form

At this point you need to make sure you have all your files in a place ready to be uploaded to the form. This may include temporarily downloading them from google drive to your device/computer you are using to complete this form.


Please try to fit as many physical receipts on one page as possible, to reduce the workload for Business Office processing. For digital receipts, upload them as is.


Once you have added all of your receipts click Submit Form and the Business Office will review your submission.

You did it!


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