Google Meet Tool in Canvas

In the event you need to create a virtual class environment to connect with students synchronously, you can easily add a Google Hangouts Meet to your Canvas Course for students to access using the Rich Content Editor. The Google Hangouts Meet will start when you join and will run until you all users leave. You do not have to update the link to start a new session. When you're ready for your next class to start the same link will launch your Google Hangouts Meet. Note - Google Hangouts Meet will launch in a new tab, and if students are on a mobile device they will need the Google Hangouts Meet app or can call in to participate via phone.


Using Google Meet in Canvas

The Google Hangouts Meet LTI is available throughout Canvas in the editor. For example, you can create Hangouts Meets using the LTI in Announcements, Pages, Calendar Events, and Discussion Prompts.

Follow the steps below to add Google Meet to a Page in Canvas

Anywhere you access the Rich Content Editor in Canvas (Quizzes, Pages, Announcements, Discussions) you will find the Google Hangouts Meet (1) button.


You will be asked to choose an account (2) to sign in to Google Hangout Meets with. Please make sure it is your email address.


Click Continue (3) to trust the Canvas Meet LTI and gain access.


In the Rich Content Editor, you will now see The Join Google Meet link and call information. Make sure to click Save & Publish to finish creating the Google Hangouts Meet link in your Canvas course.






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