How to Forward APU Cisco Desk Phone to DialPad

With the introduction of the DialPad Softphone service, you can make the transition from your physical Cisco Desk Phone smoother by simply forwarding your current Cisco phone extension to your new DialPad phone number. Forwarding your Cisco phone to DialPad will allow you to accomplish the following:

  • Use DialPad* to answer incoming calls being made to your APU 4-digit Cisco Phone extension.
  • Use DialPad* to listen to your voicemails from callers who dialed your APU 4-digit extension.


*You can operate DialPad from the browser based Web App [Click  loginwithgoogledialpad.PNG and select your APU Gsuite Account], or the standalone program available for: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Chrome App, or Chrome Extension.


The following steps describe how to forward your Cisco Desk Phone to your DialPad Softphone:

  1. Press the CFwdALL Button on your Cisco PhoneCiscoSoftphonePic.PNG
  2. Dial 71, followed by your DialPad phone number. (ex. 716261234567)CiscoSoftphonePicCallFwdALL.PNG
  3. After typing in your DialPad Phone Number, your Cisco phone should display "Call Forwarded to 71-yourdialpadphonenumber"CiscoSoftphonePicCallFwded.PNG

You have now successfully forwarded your Cisco Phone to your DialPad Softphone number!

To remove call forwarding on a Cisco desk phone all you have to do is simply press the CFwdALL button on your desk phone. 

After call forwarding is removed your Cisco phone should no longer display "Call Forwarded to 71-yourdialpadphonenumber"

If you require any further assistance please contact the IMT Support Center at:

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