Accessing APU's Virtual Computer Lab

APU's virtual computers are now available through The virtual computers run Windows 10 and have all of APU's standard applications, including Microsoft Office, SPSS, and Peachtree.

APU's virtual computer lab can be accessed from your personal device (Windows, Chrome, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android) through Citrix Workspace. You can download this at or through your OS's App Store (iOS, Android, Chrome).

To connect to APU's virtual computer lab:

Saving/accessing your files:

If you save a file on the virtual lab computer, it will not be there the next time you login to the virtual lab. The virtual lab acts the same way as on campus APU lab computers.

There are a couple of options to access your files or save files from the virtual lab:

  • You can plug in a USB stick or USB hard drive and access your files from the virtual lab. To do this, plug in the USB device to your computer while using the virtual lab. It will show up in the virtual lab for you to access or save your files.
  • You can also access files on your computer in the virtual lab. This means files you have saved on your computer can be opened directly from the virtual lab and you can save files directly from applications on the virtual lab to your computer.
  • You can also access your existing files or save files on the virtual lab on Google Drive. By using Google Drive, you can save your files and access them from any computer, including the virtual lab computers.



When trying to access the virtual computers, you may see the following error: 

This means that all of the available virtual computers are currently in use. Please try again later. IMT will monitor usage and add additional resources as required. 

When trying to access Citrix desktops or apps, you may see:


This "miscellaneous error" is because you're using Citrix Receiver and not Citrix Workspace. Please uninstall Receiver and install Workspace instead. 

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