Remote Teaching Desks

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IMT has assembled a set up remote workstations equipped with tools for both synchronous and asynchronous teaching. They feature webcams & video conferencing speaker phones, dual monitors, and USB document cameras that can be used in video conferences. They also have Zoom installed.

The design of these desks allows you to simply sit down, log in, and teach your class. You can even set up the links & calendar invitations on your own, then come to the desk when you’re ready to teach.

Asynchronous Applications

All of these stations will have OBS recording software installed, as well as presets for different layouts utilizing the camera, document camera, and screen recording.  If you want to make a more complex video for your class, these desks are a great way to get started.

Synchronous Applications

These stations are built for video conferencing applications. The camera & speakerphone allows clear, wireless communication with students. Dual screens allow more flexible options for sharing & conferencing. The USB document camera allows for pen & paper to be used in lieu of a physical whiteboard.  With these tools set up, we hope to create a seamless & immersive experience for both professors and students.


To book time on a Remote Teaching Desk, click on this calendar and reserve a time slot.

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