OBS - Open Broadcast Software

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OBS (short for “open broadcast software”) is a free recording & streaming software that allows you to create high-quality videos & screen recordings with advanced features like Picture-in-Picture layouts.  While it is more advanced, its setup wizard can get you up and running quickly, and spending a few minutes learning to use it can add great depth to your recordings.

Asynchronous Applications

OBS is a great tool for recording videos from your computer. Whether you want to make a simple recording of just your camera or a slide show, or more highly produced video with custom layouts, transitions, and extra media, OBS can help you make great videos for your class.

Synchronous Applications

OBS does not integrate with video conferencing softwares, so it doesn’t have many synchronous uses. It can live stream through Facebook, YouTube, or other online streaming services; however since this does not allow for two-way communication with your students and is more complicated to set up, we recommend you just use it for recording videos.


If you want to start using OBS, you can download OBS here and ask IMT for help getting set up.

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