Canvas: Grading Instructions for Faculty

At the end of each term/course, total grades calculated in Canvas can be synced into PeopleSoft. Once the grades are in PeopleSoft, the instructor MUST Approve and Save them there, and submit Last Date of Attendance information for failing grades. 

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 Please consider the following before you sync your grades:

  • Have you set your Grading Scheme for the course? Setting the grading scheme is a prerequisite to syncing your grades to PeopleSoft. Otherwise, you will get an error. If you have not enabled your grading scheme please follow this tutorial “How to set my Grading Scheme in Canvas” before moving to step 4.
  • Are all Total grades in Canvas accurate? Double-check the Total grades before you start syncing grades to PeopleSoft. (Reminder, by default Canvas shows the student's total grade & not the final grade. The total grade is the score that is calculated for all graded activities.  It does not include any assignments, quizzes, etc. that have not yet been submitted or graded.) How to change grade view to show the total grade with “ungraded as zeros”.
  • Grade sync is unidirectional. Grades can only be sent from Canvas to PeopleSoft while the Canvas Course is open and the PeopleSoft Grade Roster has not yet been approved/finalized.
  • Email notification. After syncing grades, an email will be sent to every “teacher” in the course, letting them know whether the grades were synced successfully or there were errors encountered.


If you have any questions about the Canvas portion of grading, please email

Syncing Grades from Canvas into PeopleSoft                    

Step 1 - Log In to Canvas:

Log in to Canvas at

 Step 2 - Select Course:

Select the course you want to sync grades from the Canvas Dashboard.mceclip2.png

Step 3 - Go to Settings:

Select “Settings” from the left-hand course navigation menu.mceclip6.png

 Step 4 - Select Grade Syncing:

Once in the Settings,

select “Grade Syncing”.mceclip7.png

Step 5 - Sync Grades:

Select the “Sync Grades to SIS” button and confirm you are ready to sync your grades to PeopleSoft by pressing “OK” on the dialog box that pops up.

mceclip8.png mceclip9.png

Canvas steps completed - proceed on to the PeopleSoft steps (REQUIRED!).


Grades sent to PeopleSoft via the Canvas sync MUST be Approved here. All failing grades entered also need Last Date of Attendance information entered. You can also enter grades directly into PeopleSoft. All these steps are noted below.

Step 1 - Log In to PeopleSoft:

Go to: from any web browser.

Click the blue Sign In button.

Enter your APUNet ID and password.

Click on the Sign In button.

Step 2 - Select the Grade Roster Link:

On the left side of your APU Dashboard,  in the My Links section,

click on the Grade Roster link.


Step 3 - Select Term and Class:

From the Faculty Center -

Grade Roster tab, you will choose the term and class you want to grade.  


If necessary, click the Change Class button and then the Change Term button and select the appropriate term.

Step 4 - Select Grade Roster:

Click on the grade roster icon for the class you wish to grade or Approve.



  • The Grade Roster icon will only be visible once the Registrar’s Office has activated the roster.
  • Per APU policy, grades must not be submitted prior to the final class completion.

Step 5 - Grade:

Verify the grades sent over from Canvas


Choose the desired grade for each student.

 The allowable grades for each class are shown in the drop down list on the roster. These grades differ depending on

the Grading Basis for the class.




“FN” – This grade is used for students who Failed for Non-Attendance.

“I” and “IN” – An official Incomplete (I) grade can only be entered by the appropriate Registrar's Office. To give an incomplete to a student, enter an “IN” (Incomplete - No Paperwork) onto the online Grade Roster, then forward a completed Incomplete Form to the appropriate Registrar's Office.  When the form is received, the Registrar’s Office will change the grade from an “IN” to an official “I”. An "IN" grade entered by the instructor, but not followed by an official Incomplete Form, will be changed to an F. 

“W” – A Withdrawal (W) grade can only be entered by the appropriate Registrar's Office after a completed Withdrawal Form is submitted during the appropriate timeframe. Students who have completed the withdrawal process will appear on the roster with a "W" grade. Students still completing the process should be given the grade they actually earned. Once the withdrawal process is completed, their grade will be changed to a "W" by the Registrar's Office.

 Step 6 - Approve:

 Please verify the following before you Approve your grades:

  • Canvas grades have come over correctly. The grades on the PeopleSoft roster are the final grades - i.e., you have done a sync from Canvas to PeopleSoft AFTER making any additional changes to assignment grades in Canvas. The grades have been calculated correctly. The grades are attached to the correct students. Please check your Canvas course and confirm that the Canvas total grades match what is in PeopleSoft. Note: Ungraded or missing assignments could make the displayed Canvas grade different from the actual calculated grade that was synced to PeopleSoft.
  • All students are accounted for on the roster.

If a student is missing from your roster, please submit a Grade Change Form to the appropriate Registrar’s Office immediately.

Grade Change Forms (for students not on the grade roster or to change a grade AFTER it has been posted) are accessible on your APU Dashboard in the Faculty Resources section under Grade Rosters & Grade Submissions



Once all grades have been assigned change Approval Status to Approved.

Step 7 - Save:

Click Save – this step is very important! 

Two Additional Steps for Students with Failing Grades Only (F, FN, or NC)

Step 8 – Enter Last Date of Attendance Information:

When saving in the step above, you will be automatically routed to the Last Date of Attendance screen if you submitted any failing grades (F, FN or NC grades).

 On the Last Date of Attendance screen, choose one of the three options:

  • Student Completed Class checkbox
  • Student Never Attended checkbox
  • If the student partially attended, enter a date in the Date Student Last Attended box.

Specific instructions are included on the screen. For additional information, please click on the Last Date of Attendance FAQ link.

 You MUST enter one of the options for each student listed in order to Save.

 Step 9 – Save:

Once you have entered information for

 every student listed,

Click Save – this step is very important! 

Once saved, you will automatically be redirected back to the grade roster. No further action is needed at this point.

NOTE:  If you need to make a change and the Registrar’s Office has not yet “Posted” the grades, you may still make a change by putting the approval status back to Not Approved. This function should only be used if you notice an immediate mistake upon grade entry.  Once the grades are corrected, follow the steps above.


Grade Posting: 

Once Graded, Approved, Saved, and Last Date of Attendance information has been submitted, the grades can be posted to the student’s record.  The grade posting processor runs four times daily at 6am, noon, 6pm and midnight.  Once posted, the students will be able to see their grades online. 

PLEASE NOTE:  To avoid student confusion (since they will not be able to see their grades immediately), please refrain from using the Notify Students button to inform students that their grades have been entered. 


If you have any questions about the PeopleSoft portion of grading, please contact the appropriate Registrar’s Office:

Graduate and Professional Registrar - or 626-815-4570

Undergraduate Enrollment Service Center - or 626-825-2020

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