Q&A - Toner and Printer Maintenance Service

In an effort to reduce costs and improve service, IMT went through a process to evaluate several vendors to provide toner and service all of our department printers.  HP was selected and began servicing APU’s printers on July 1, 2019. 

Here are the answers to questions about this service:

  1. How do I get support for my department printer?
  2. What happens if my printer stops working?
    • Contact HP
  3. What do I do when I have streaks on my paper?
    • Contact HP
  4. What do I do when my printer jams?
    • Please follow the instructions on your HP printer to clear the paper jam. If this doesn't work, contact the IMT Support Center and an IMT technician will come to your office to help with the printer jam.
    • If this issue is persists, contact HP directly using the phone number and sticker ID located on the printer. HP will send out a technician to resolve the printer issue.
  5. How do I get toner for my department printer?
    • You don’t have to. HP auto-delivers new toner when the printer runs low. New toner will always arrive at your office before your printer runs out.
  6. How do I know when I will get my toner?
    • When the toner reaches 15% a new cartridge will be auto-delivered to your department. The toner box will have a label on it with a Printer ID# which will correspond to the HP service sticker on your printer.
  7. I think I am running out of toner, what should I do?
    • Contact HP. They will send out a new toner cartridge to you.
  8. Is there a way to see how much toner I have left?
    • Some printers have the ability to check the level of toner, which HP calls “Supplies”. You can also call the IMT Support Center and we can check this for you.
  9. Can I buy toner from another source?
    • No. Our contract with HP requires that we use HP original toner that will be automatically provided by the HP.
  10. What do I do with the empty toner after I install the new HP toner?
    • All HP toner will come with a return label for UPS. Place the empty toner cartridge in the box, attach the UPS label, and return the box to mailing services. They will ship it back.
    • If your toner does not come with a return label, visit the HP recycling website to request a box to return your empty toner.
  11. Will my department be charged for toner?
    • No. Departments will not be billed for pages printed, toner, or any maintenance. APU is handling this centrally, and will not bill back departments. 
  12. Will my budget be reduced since we are not paying for toner?
    • No. APU is paying for this service and your department budget will not be reduced.
  13. How do I get printer paper?
  14. Does my department have to pay for printer paper?
    • Yes. Paper is the only thing you will have to pay for.
  15. Do I need to keep a stock of extra toner?
    • No. Toner will be auto-delivered to your department when your printer gets low on toner.
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