How to use Windows Software Center

Microsoft Software Center is a portal application that allows users to easily install/uninstall IMT approved software with the click of a button.

It is available for all staff and faculty APU issued windows desktop and laptop computers. This will enable IMT to quickly deploy new software and host a self-help portal for recommended and APU bulk license software.

 How to Install an application with Software Center:

  • Open the windows menu and start typing "Software Center"
  • Click "Software Center" to open the application



All available software will be listed with name and icon

Click on the software to install



Once the app details are open, please read the description because it may contain important information about the app or its installation (i.e app may require a reboot) 

Click "Install" to have the application installed in the background.



Once finished, the button will update and will change to "uninstall"



Uninstalling an app works in the same way except with the "Uninstall" button instead of the "Install" button.

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