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   ITT offers many training and support opportunities in a variety of modalities, including certifications for teaching Online facilitation, Blended Learning, and Distance Learning. Any APU faculty member planning on teaching in these modalities is required to take the relevant self-paced training courses. Faculty can self-enroll in these courses at any time. Upon course completion, it is required for faculty to show proof of completion of the course. Please send all certificates to Andrew Jittu ( and Carl Littlejohn ( After proof of completion, the Registrar's office will be notified and faculty will be added to the approved list to teach online. It is recommended that faculty enroll and complete the relevant certification the semester prior to when they start teaching.

 These self-paced certification courses orient faculty to APU's philosophy and approach to online, blended, and distance learning pedagogy. Specifically, these courses offer faculty technical training on the effective use of Canvas (APU's learning management system) and pedagogical training including on how to integrate the Christian faith in blended and online courses. Learn more about the certifications. Enroll here and begin your self-paced course. If you have any questions please contact us at


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