Zoom Web Conferencing in Canvas

Go to the course that you want to add the Zoom integration.

Select the "Settings" tool in the bottom left hand corner.


Once the "Settings" tool opens, select the "Navigation" tab at the top of the Setting page.


In the Navigation Tab scroll down and find the Zoom tool in the Hidden / Disabled pages category.

Drag the Zoom tool above the to the active column.

Note:  Dragging any tool back to the lower column will hide the item from student view.

Click Save.

The Zoom tool will now appear in the left hand course navigation column.

Select the Zoom tool.

Click Authorize, when Zoom requests access to your account.

Note: If you do not have a Zoom account please request one by e-mailing


Once you have authorized Zoom, you will have access to "Schedule a New Meeting". This will invite everyone in your course to the online web meeting.



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