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All Canvas courses conclude on Monday at 11:59 pm, the same day official grades are due. When a course concludes in Canvas it becomes read-only.  Instructors will no longer be able to modify/grade assignments, provide feedback, or change any aspects of the course.  Likewise, students will only be able to view course content but not be able to submit assignments, post discussions, or utilize any Canvas tools.  All course content will remain and continue to be accessible, and instructors can copy and import from a concluded course to new course sites.

Concluded courses will be archived and can be found under Courses (navigation menu) > All Courses > Past Enrollments. If you have additional questions, please contact us at

Note: Students that have had an official extension filed with the registrars office qualify for a 12 week extension. The extension will allow the course to remain open during this time for only the specified student and faculty of the course.  Please contact to have this extension applied to your course.






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    Sarah Richart

    I wish the Gradebook could be altered after grades are due just for those who take an incomplete. I had a student who had 4 things to make up from last semester, and they came in piecemeal. It would have been nice if she could have seen how each item, once graded, affected her grade through Canvas. Is it possible to build this in at some point?

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