New Gmail Feature - Schedule Send

With Gmail’s new feature Schedule Send, you can schedule the exact time and day you want your email to be sent. Simply select one of the quick options or pick a specific date and time you want your email delivered! The Schedule Send feature is part of APU Gmail, which is part of the G Suite Apps and is free to use.

For more advanced features, you can also use Right Inbox. However, we feel that for most people Gmail's built in Schedule Send works perfectly and doesn't require a browser extension. If you like the new Schedule Send, you can <follow these instructions to uninstall the Right Inbox extension> so you don't get confused between the two.


How to schedule an email in Gmail (Desktop computer)

  1. Go to your APU Gmail (
  2. Compose a new email
  3. Click the Schedule Send arrow next to the Send button and then select Schedule Send
  4. Select one of the suggested times or click Pick data & time to choose your own date and time you’d like your message to be delivered

You can also use the Schedule Send feature on Mobile. See the Android and the iOS (iPhone & iPad) instructions.

Video Demonstration

Schedule Emails in Gmail (YouTube)

Learn More about Schedule Send

Write now, send later with Schedule send in Gmail (Announcement)

Schedule Emails to Send (G Suite Help Center)

Gmail Schedule Send Use Cases

If you want to email someone but you know they are unavailable, schedule your email to be sent when you know they’ll see it

If you are trying to send out a mass email, schedule your email to be sent at the optimal time that people check their emails

If you are communicating with someone in a different time zone, you can ensure they will receive the email at the best time for them

Things to know

Your emails will be sent based on the timezone you schedule them in

You can have up to 100 scheduled emails

You can edit your scheduled emails

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