Google Drive Plug-In for Microsoft Office is Going Away

Are you getting this pop up message? The likely reason you are getting this message is because the Google Drive plug-in came preinstalled on your APU issued computer. This plug-in gave you the ability to save Microsoft Office documents directly to your Google Drive.


Google has is planning deprecating the plug-in on Wednesday, June 26, 2019 

What should I do

If you use or would still like the ability to save Office docs directly to your Google Drive, then follow the instructions below.
If you never used this feature or have no need for this, then we would recommend you simply click the Uninstall plug-in button to continue with uninstalling the plug-in (And now you are done. No need to read further).

How to remove the plug-in and install Drive File Stream

  1. Uninstall the plug-in by clicking Uninstall plug-in button from the pop up dialog box
  2. Download the Drive File Stream application form:
  3. Open and Install the Drive File Stream application

After the installation is complete you will continue to have the ability to save your Office docs to your Google Drive. You will also gain the ability to have access to all of your Google Drive files and folders from your computer without taking up space on your computer.

Learn more about Drive File Stream

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