Remote Support With IMT

Remote support, also known as TeamViewer, is a service that allows IMT to access your computer and screen share securely. It allows IMT techs to walk you through specific troubleshooting steps and view the various computer issues to quickly resolve your request. 


1. Go to


2. Click on the Remote Support Download. As soon as this is done downloading, open up the download.


3. It will then ask you if you would like to allow this to make changes to your device. Click yes.

4. A session code will appear. Let the tech know that you have the session code ready. The IMT tech will be able to find you by name and assign themselves to you


5. They will send you an invitation to have remote access to your computer in which you can click on either Accept or Allow.


6. Congratulations! You are now going remote with an IMT tech.

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