Frontier FiOS for Campus Apartments

What's the Deal?

While APU offers a basic level of internet service for students in campus apartments, students in select areas can choose to pay for FIOS service as well. A rate has been negotiated with Frontier to offer FiOS in Bowels, University Village and University Park. This rate was negotiated to be lower than advertised pricing and is without a burdensome contract. 

  • $40/mo
  • 50/50 Mbps
  • No annual contract
  • Fixed rate for 24 months

Where can I get it?

This special rate is available to the following locations:

  • University Village Apartments, 801 E. Alosta Ave., Azusa 91702
  • University Park, 1000 E. Alosta Ave.,
  • Bowles, 1150 E. Alosta Ave.,
  • Bowles, 1160 E. Alosta Ave.  
  • Bowles, 1170 E. Alosta Ave.  

What's the Fine Print?

As with any service like this, there are a few additional fees found in the fine print. To make it easy for you, we've outlined them:

  • Router equipment included for 12 months, then $10/mo.
  • Installation $75 + Equipment delivery fee $9.99. Installation and delivery fees can not be reduced due to the concession that we will not have an annual contract.
  • Optional wifi extender $6/mo
  • Taxes and surcharges $3.99/mo
  • Disconnection fee $10.00

So, what will I be paying in the end?

So, when all is said and done, the overall totals look like this:

  • Initial Cost = $124.98
  • Monthly Cost (12 mo) = $45.99
  • Monthly Cost (after 12 mo) = $55.99
  • Last Month = $65.99

What if I shared the cost with my roommates?
Monthly Scenarios:

  • $45.99 monthly
  • For a 4 occupant Campus Apartment - $ 11.50 / per person / per month
  • For a 3 occupant Campus Apartment - $ 15.33 / per student / per month


What Next? 

Call Frontier and Sign up! (626) 201-2221


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