Uploading files into XenApp from ChromeOS.

ChromeOS (ChromeBooks, ChromeBoxes, etc) functions a little differently than other operating systems  when it comes to accessing files that are local to your device. Unfortunately with ChromeOS you can not mount, map, or access files directly from your device in your XenApp session. Instead you can upload and download files to your device.

  1. Install the Citrix Workspace App from the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Open a XenApp application through the Storefront.
  3. Using the Files application on your chrome device, drag and drop the file you want to upload onto the application window. This presents you with a window that allows you to upload the file.

  4. Save the document to your Documents folder. 
  5. Open the file from the program (Normal shortcut is Ctrl + O ) by browsing to the location you saved it in. 
  6. You can save a file to your device when you use the Save As function in a program by selecting the Save to Device shortcut that appears. 

  7. After you save a document in the Save To My Device drive, you'll receive a ChromeOS window that will allow you to save that document to your device, or directly into your Google Drive.
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