Accessing Local Files in Citrix Workspace

When you access our Citrix Virtual App, you're given a variety of programs that actually run on APU servers. Citrix sends those windows, or apps, to your own device. Sometimes you need to use or access files from your own computer in the Virtual App or desktop Environment.

To do this you'll need to give access of the files or folder to the Virtual App (or upload them on chomeOS. This takes some configuration on your part to allow the Virtual App to have access. After access has been given, the Virtual App adds a new "Drive" where you device files are. Files can be saved to or opened from that drive.

Below you'll find links on how to share files between your computer and the Virtual App on Windows, macOS, Chrome, and Linux. 


Mounting Local Files into XenApp from Windows

Mounting Local Files into XenApp from macOS

Uploading files into XenApp from ChromeOS

Mounting Local Files into XenApp from Linux

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