Downloading & Installing SPSS for macOS

  • Go to the University Software Downloads page and download the "IBM SPSS Statistics" link. Take note of where your web browser will download the .zip file so that you can access it after the download completes. 
    • The University Software Downloads page is accessible through but is also directly linked above. 
    • The file you are downloading should be called ""


  • After the file has completed downloading, you can launch the download by looking at your "Downloads" folder in your Finder (or launching it from the download bar at the bottom of your screen if that is an option)
    • You can do this either by Spotlight Searching the word "Downloads" or clicking "Go" and then clicking "Downloads" on your desktop toolbar. 
  • Launch the downloaded file "" by double-clicking the file. 


  • After double-clicking "" a folder titled "SPSS 25" should open above. 


  • Click on this file and then click "SPSS_Statistics_25_mac.dmg"
    • Do not disregard "key.txt" you will need to use it


  • Open up "SPSS_Statistic" and you should see this. Then double-click on the "SPSS_Statistics_Installer" 


  • Your computer may ask for your permission to open the application since it is downloaded from the internet. Click "Open" to continue. 
  • After this, your computer will ask for local password to begin the install. 
    • You local password is the password that you use to log into your computer


  • After entering your password the installer will drop to your dock. Double-click the icon. This window will open.


  • Click "OK" to continue installing. 
  • The window will continue onto the setup process starting with the "Introduction"
  • Continue to click "Next" and keep accepting all of the terms and licensing agreements. 
  • Eventually you will get to the "Choose Installer Folder" 
    • Make sure you Install this to your Macintosh HD. This should be automatically done for you so you likely do not have to change anything. 


  • Click "Next" and then "Install" 
    • Let the application download/ install 
    • Click "Done" 
  • A new icon will pop up on your doc titled "SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard" 
    • If you do not see this icon pop up you can search for it in your Finder and application
    • Double-click this application to launch


  •  You will see this window open. This is so that you can license SPSS on your computer. You have to do this in order to use the application. 


  • Click "Next" and Authorize the user license on the next page. 
  • After you authorize the user license, this page will be next asking for you to enter a code. This is where that "key.txt" file will come into use! 


  • Go back to the "key.txt" file that should be available in your downloads still within the "SPSS 25" folder. These folders are discussed above. 
  • After you have opened the "key.txt" folder, copy and paste the "License Key" number and paste it into the "Enter Code" field on the other window and click next. 


  • Now you should see this! 


  • After clicking "Next" the licensing process should be complete now and you can click "Finish" on the next window. 
  • The process should be entirely complete now! If you do not see the SPSS application on your dock anymore just search for it in your finder. Do not try to use the "SPSS Statistics License Authorization Wizard" anymore because this is not the actual SPSS software. Look for the "SPSS Statistics" Application and double-click to launch! 




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