Via LiveText - Faculty Setup

Faculty Instructions 

1. Login to your Via Faculty Account. Click on your Group and then click on "Create Activity".

2. Fill out all of the Activity requirements (Please note that your Template must have a scoring component that is set as the "Primary Score." Grade Return will only be successful if there is a primary scoring component). Make sure that you check the box for "Grade will be sent to LMS/CMS grade book." Click Publish.

3. Click on the chain link icon on the right side of the page

4. Copy the link that is displayed.

5. Login to your Canvas faculty account and navigate to your Course home page

6. Go to Assignments

7. Click "+ Assignment" to add a new assignment

8. Enter a Title for your assignment

9. Enter a point value

10. Set Submission Type to External Tool

11.  In the External Tool URL box, paste in the Activity link from Via

12. Click "Save & Publish"

13. The student or faculty member will need to click on the link to continue to Via. 

14.  Once the student completes the activity the student will move into the "In Assessment" column.  As faculty Click on the blue edit pencil on the student's submission.  This blue edit pencil will be available when you mouse over the lower right corner of their submission.

15. The score will be displayed in your assessment on Via

16. Once you have completed the assessment the student will move to the "Done" column.

17. The score will also be reflected in your Canvas gradebook effectively returning the grade from Via

Adding links to the In Progress, Timeline, and Showcases pages

If you would like to add links in Canvas that bring faculty and students to their In Progress, Timeline, or Showcases pages in Via, please enter the URLs below in place of the assignment URL:

In Progress:



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