— Do You Need to Update Your Contact Information for the Emergency Notification System? Click HERE to find out.


I want to change my contact info. How can do this?



    • Students should update their personal contact information through the APU Mobile App or at

Why am I getting alerts?

For your safety, APU employs a mass notification system. In the event of a major incident on our campus. The notification system will contact faculty, staff and students via their personal cell phone number and email with notifications, instructions, updates and resolutions. 

I would like change the order of how Everbridge communicates with me. Where can I update the order in which Everbridge contacts me?

Notification System alert preference order can be updated on the APU Emergency Notification System website.

Use the green Use my network credential button to be redirected to the Central Authentication Service (CAS) login page to use your APU NetID and password to sign in.


You will be redirected to the CAS login page.


Your profile will appear, click on the edit button.


Change the priority of contact method under the Here's how to contact me section by arranging how you want to be notified. The first contact method listed will be the primary notification channel but the system will send out messages to the other two at a reduced frequency.


Save any changes you make before logging off of the system.



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