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Where can I view my Class Roster

  • Navigate to the left menu, and select Class Roster.
  • Select any class and view Names and ID pictures of your students (A great way to learn the names of your students before the first day of class)
  • Click on the Class_Roster.pngbutton to send an email to all of your in the class.
  • Click on the gray envelopeClass_Roster.png next to a student to send an email directly to them. 

I’m not sure where to find something

  • Try our new Global Search feature -- It searches and all public APU websites

Where do I view my classes?

  • Navigate to the left menu, and select Class Schedule

Where do I find faculty related resources?

  • Navigate to the left menu and select My Resources > Faculty

I'm a new faculty member at the Azusa campus and I'm not sure where my class is. How can I find it?

  • Navigate to the left menu and select Class Schedule and select a class (note: clicking the gear icon Class_Schedule.png at the top right will give you different viewing options for your classes. We like the List view)
  • If prompted click on the View Class Details button. Next scroll down to Room and click on the class.
  • You will be given walking directions to the building where you class is.

I have a suggestion to improve

  • Great! Please use the Got Ideas? menu item to enter a request for a new feature or improvements. Navigate to the left menu and scroll down to Got Ideas? or directly to our Ideas Portal

There is a broken desk, a stained ceiling tile, or damage in my classroom and it feel like it takes away from the student experience. How do I report this?

  • Best way report this
    • download the APU Mobile app (iOS | Android), sign in, and navigate to Pride of Place. It will allow you to snap a picture with your smartphone and write a quick description of the problem and the location.

  • Good way to report this
    • Go to and navigate to Pride of Place.
    • Upload a picture if you have one and type a short description and location of the problem
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