Faculty Guide -

Where can I view/print my Class Roster

  • Navigate to the left menu, and select Class Roster
  • Select View Students to see the Names and pictures of your students (A great way to learn the names of your students before the first day of class)
  • Click on the Email Enrolled button to send an email to all of your in the class.
  • You can email a single student or multiple students by ticking the checkbox next to each students name and clicking the Email button and then Selected.
  • You can also Print your Class Roster by clicking on the Printer Icon mceclip1.png 

I’m not sure where to find something

  • Try the Global Search feature -- It searches and all public APU websites. Please note the search menu item may move to a higher position.

Where do I view my classes?

  • The Dashboard now has tabs. Click on the Teaching tab and view your Teaching Schedule widget. You can also find My Class Schedule on the main menu.

Where do I find faculty related resources?

  • Select Faculty from the main menu
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