The New Gmail Experience

Gmail has recently updated its design and brought along several new features designed to help you better manage your email and your time. You can upgrade to the new design now by clicking on the settings gear and selecting Try the new Azusa Pacific University Mail.


Please note. Soon after October 16th, 2018, everybody will be automatically migrated to the new experience and will not have the option to go back to the old design.

New features

Snooze an email until you’re ready to reply.

Email snoozing is now a common feature among third-party email clients, and Google has done the obvious thing by integrating it directly into Gmail. It works nicely with a new hover menu that surfaces the most common interactions you might want with an email — archive, delete, mark as read, or snooze for later — as you place your cursor above each message in your inbox.  Another neat addition to the web version is the ability to tap into email attachments directly from the inbox without opening up the conversation.

Get reminded to follow up or respond to old emails.

Google goes a step further by adding what it calls nudging of emails, resurfacing the ones that it recognizes require a time-sensitive action or response. “We don’t nudge very often,” points out a Google employee, “but when we do, it can save people from making a high-cost mistake.” To determine which messages require your attention, Google looks at a bunch of signals like who sent you an email and whether it has certain content.

Reply with a response automatically suggested based on the email you received.

Be more productive with the new app side panel.

Among a smattering of visual updates, the biggest functional UI change to Gmail on the web might be the addition of a new collapsible right-hand side panel. This aims to better integrate Google’s G Suite apps, with Google’s CalendarKeep note-taking app, and Tasks app side-by-side with your email messages. The side panel will let you organize meetings, plan out your day, or just scribble down a few notes without leaving an email to go into another tab or another app. 

3 new layouts

Google is providing three new layouts to choose from, including a default view that highlights attachments like documents and photos, a comfortable view that doesn’t highlight attachments, and a compact view that increases the amount of messages you can see on a single page. The compact view is the most similar to the existing Gmail design, allowing existing users to keep a similar layout.

Collapsing left-side panel

Also a first for Google’s web interface will be the ability to collapse the left-side panel that hosts the usual navigation links and thus open up more horizontal space. Collapsing the left-side panel will minimize distraction and maximize your view.

More information about the new Gmail experience:


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