Google Team Drive FAQ

Can I move a folder from My Drive to a Team Drive? 

No, you cannot move folders from a My Drive to a Team Drive. You can only move files, but you can move multiple files at once.

Can I move files that I am not the owner of into a Team Drive?

No, you can only move files that you own.

Can I sync files to my computer?

No, currently the Google Drive Backup and Sync tool does not sync files stored in Team Drives. The Google Drive File Stream tool does give you access to files stored in a Team Drive on your computer

How long do files I delete stay in the Team Drive Trash?

Each Team Drive has its own trash. Files and folders in the Trash are deleted forever after 30 days. Team members can delete specific files sooner.

Can I restore trashed/deleted files?

Yes, you can restore deleted files if you have Edit access or full access and if it's within 30 days

Are Team Drive Files backed with Backupify?

No, Backupify does not currently backup Team Drive files. However, Google does give IMT 30 days to restore files that have been deleted from trash.

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    How do I delete a team drive?

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