Google Team Drive Known Issues

Below are known issues with Google Team Drive.

Google Drive Backup and Sync Tool

The Google Drive Backup and Sync tool does not sync files stored in Team Drives. You will not be able to sync any files to your computer that are stored in a Team Drive. However, Google Drive File Stream does give you access to files stored in a Team Drive

File types

Some file types cannot be stored in Team Drives, such as Google Maps and existing documents with attached Apps Scripts.

Move folders

You cannot move a folder from My Drive to a Team Drive. You can only move the files, though you can move multiple files at one time. 

Lucidpress and Lucidchart Documents

Lucidpress and Lucidchart document types cannot be moved to a Google Team Drive. To store and share this content on Google Team Drive, save the document in a PDF format and move the PDF to the Team Drive.

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