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I keep getting a “Disallowed Key Characters” error.
When I try to add a class, drop a class, or make any changes, I get redirected to the sign in page.

How come when using my bookmark to access Home, it takes me to some unexpected page or gives me an error?

Your bookmark is likely outdated. Try updating your bookmark or creating a new one.

What happened to all the widgets on the Dashboard?

Unfortunately or fortunately (depending how you feel about it) this new version of Home doesn’t allow for custom widgets. The good news is your Dashboard is now free of clutter.

All of the resources that were on those widgets can now be found on the Main Menu on the left or under the following links:

  • NEW Student Resources (Undergrad)
  • Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center (Undergrad)
  • Student Resources (Undergrad)
  • Graduate and Professional (Grad Pro)
  • Faculty Resources
  • Employee Resources 

What's new and different?

  • Updated screens throughout for students and faculty that look great on mobile or desktop
  • Increased stability especially during class enrollment, especially for Graduate and Professional students.
  • Printing you unofficial transcript is now much easier
  • New: View your graduation status (Academics menu)
  • New: View your advisor information (Academics menu)
  • Redesigned Transfer Credit and Course History screens
  • Dashboard widget tabs

Is there a faculty guide for

Yes see our updated Faculty Guide.

How come my 7STU account is not working?

If you are signing in to with a 7STU account, you must sign in using the Local Accounts link on the Springboard. If you still can't sign in, please call IMT at ext.5050 to request a password reset.

I can't find what I am looking for what should I do?

  • While we have made links convenient within widgets and left navigation menus, we have built a comprehensive search feature (Main Menu). If in doubt search for what you are looking for.
  • There are three different kinds of search results
    • APU Mobile Features - these are features that are native to the mobile-friendly interface
    • External Links - these are links within the menus but that point to other APU services and content
    • APU Site Search Results - these are search results from all APU websites, making home the easiest way to search across sites
  • We will be improving the order and arrangement of links over time based on frequency of use.
  • If you can't find something, please let us know.

What isn’t changing? [for staff and faculty who work in PeopleSoft]

  • For employees, the PeopleSoft Student, Finance, and HR systems will keep the same interface you are already used to.  Links are available in the menu to these systems.
  • The new Home experience works well on your Desktop and contains the same features as before
  • PeopleSoft business rules (registering for classes, viewing schedules or rosters, etc.) will function the same but have an improved user experience
  • Most of the primary functionality for Students and Faculty is native in the new experience. Some links to advanced features will pass off to student system screens in your browser. For example, you can try the new Student Lookup experience, or use the Student Services Center you are used to.

Questions or feedback?

We would love to answer your questions and hear your feedback. We have two ways for you do this.

  1. Support ticket web form. Fill out the from and be sure to include upgrade in the subject field.
  2. Email
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