JMP Pro macOS Installation Guide

To install the APU Licensed JMP software, you'll need administrator access to your macOS device, at least  1.2GB of free space, and a network connection. After, you can follow these instructions: 

  • First download the JMP .dmg file from the website
  • Launch the .dmg file you downloaded in the first step
  • Open up the JMP Pro 16 (replace 16 with whatever the current version is) folder, then open JMP Pro 16 > JMP > JMP_Pro > 16_0 > Macintosh > JMP-Install.dmg
  • Open JMP Pro 16.pkg and give any permissions if requested
  • Go through the installer (when prompted, enter your computer credentials) Screen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_9.48.28_AM.pngScreen_Shot_2018-06-21_at_9.46.32_AM.png
  • One the installation is complete, navigate to Applications and open JMP Pro 16
  • Upon opening JMP Pro 16, you should be prompted to license the program. Click "Open License"
  • Click Open License, then navigate back to the DMG from before (JMP Pro 16) and go to JMP Pro 16 > sid_files and select the file in here
  • A little popup will ask for license details, you don't have to enter anything here. Just click OK7.png
  • The program will now launch. There's no need to register it and you can click "Wait to Register"


After this JMP will be available in your Applications folder. 

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