Computer Request Form

Click HERE to access the Computer Request Form.

The Computer Request Form is a 3-in-1 form that can be submitted for the following:

  • New computer requests
  • Desktop to laptop requests
  • Multi-user computer requests

New Computer Requests:

  • Please submit new computer requests for new employees at least 5 business days prior to the employee's start date.
  • If the computer falls into a departmental purchase, it will include standard software and support for 4 years. These computers are not eligible for refresh.
  • For a computer to be refreshed early, the request must have department Vice President's or Dean's approval. The department will be charged the full price of the computer and the previously owned computer will be scheduled to be retrieved by IMT.

Desktop-to-Laptop Requests:

  • This form allows a formal request to convert a desktop workstation for a fac/staff position to a laptop.
  • Only fac/staff being refreshed in the same fiscal year as the request will be considered.

Multi-user Computer Requests:

  • Qualification for student staff is based on 40 work hours per computer.
  • These requests fall under the Departmental Computer Purchases policy.
  • Multi-user computers will include standard software and four years of support.
  • Laptops are not an eligible option for multi-user computers.
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