Getting Started with Google Meet

With Google Hangouts Meet, you can hold adhoc and scheduled video meetings on the go, dial-in conference calls, virtual training classes around the world, remote interviews, and much more. You can host a Google Meet video meeting for up to 25 people at a time, with no time limit. You can share your screen and invite people outside of APU. 



Getting Started

Fastest way to start or join a meeting is to go to and select Start a new meeting or select a pre-scheduled meeting. Other ways to start or join a Google Meet meeting include:

  • Creating a new Google Calendar event and select Add Conferencing, Hangouts Meet
  • Dial-in to a meeting using any phone. Just dial the Google Meet phone number and enter the pin code.
  • Install the iOS or Android mobile apps on to your device and join a pre-scheduled meeting or start a new one.


Google Calendar

You can create a new Google Meet meeting by creating an event in Google Calendar and selecting Add Conferencing, Hangouts Meet

Once the event has been created anybody that is invited can go to their Google Calendar select the event and click on the Join Hangouts Meet link


Note: Any Google Calendar event that is Google meet enabled will also show up at

Dial-in To a Meeting

No computer? No problem. You can dial-in to a meeting using your cell phone or desk phone. Just dial the meeting phone number and pin code from any phone. You can find the dial-in information on the Google Calendar event details. You can also use the Google Meet mobile app to find the dial-in information by selecting the meting you wish to join.

Conference Call

You can use Google Meet to set up a conference call with up to 25 participants. Go to Google Calendar and create a new event. Select Add Conferencing, then select Hangouts Meet. Add / invite people you want to participate in the conference call including those outside of APU. In the location field we recommend putting "Conference Call". This lets others know to you want them to to join the meeting over the phone. Finish by clicking the Save button.

The dial-in information is easily accessible through the event details view:



Google Meet works well on iOS and Android devices Use this option when you are away from your desktop computer. Install the iOS or Android mobile apps on to your device and join a pre-scheduled meeting or start a new one.

Where can I get more information?

Visit the Meet Learning Center and Help Center
Watch the Meet YouTube video

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