How to book a PDR reservation

  1. You can book your reservations by going to the “Schedule” menu, and clicking
    on the “Bookings” option. You can also book a reservation clicking on any of the
    available links embedded within the dashboard’s announcements.
  2. The system will open a calendar showing: weekdays, tables, and available time
    (between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, from Tuesday to Thursday only).
  3. Add a reservation by dragging and dropping the pointer over the line containing
    an available table, the one you decided to book. Each hour is divided in 4 parts;
    each rectangle in the timeline represents 15 minutes. Reservations cannot last
    longer than 2 hours.
  4. Once a time period has been selected, you have the option to add a title and a
    description of your reservation (i.e. Title: Planning Lunch, Description: 2nd Qtr
    planning of operational needs with Joe and Sue).
    Additionally, you should specify the number of attendees to this event, your
    department’s account number and optionally, the specific account line to
    charge to for this booking.
    Click on “Create” to finish booking your table(s).
  5. The system will show the following popup screen confirming your reservation.

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