How to: Register for / enroll in classes

  1. Sign in to Home ( using your APU NetID and Password.
  2. From the main menu, click or tap on Enrollment and select Class Search.
  3. To search for a class, use the following options:
    • Term
    • Academic Career (Undergrad)
    • Subject (ENGL, BUSI, CHEM, etc.)


    • Term
    • Academic Career (Undergrad)
    • Subject (ENGL, BUSI, CHEM, etc.)

      AND OR

    • Course Number (101, 500, 705, etc.)
    • Location (Azusa Campus, Online). If desired to include closed class options, uncheck the “Open Only” box.

      In the Search Results, all sections of the class that meet the criteria used will appear.

      NOTE: When using partial criteria for a search, check the search results carefully to identify only the courses you need. Pay particular attention to the Subject, Course Number, Location and Session of the class. The Class Search results will enable you to identify further information regarding the class section - Section Number, the 5-digit Class Number, and the Session.searchresults.png
  1. Click on the Section to view additional important details regarding a class section.
  2. Once the appropriate class section is identified, click or tap the Add To Cart button. You’ll receive a confirmation message once the class has been added to the shopping cart.

    Repeat Steps 3-5 to add ALL classes needed - This is extra important for classes that have coreqs or prereqs.
  1. Once your cart is ready, Go the Shopping Cart (Main Menu > Enrollment > Shopping Cart). Select all the classes you want to enroll in and click or tap the Enroll button.
  2. Read the Enrollment Agreement, check the “I agree” box, and click or tap the Enroll button to enroll in these classes.

    The Enrollment Results screen will show your enrollment status for each class (Added to your schedule or Error), click or tap Okay

To protect your information, always sign out of Home: Select your profile picture at the bottom of the Main Menu and click or tap Logout.

Who Cannot Register Online

Online registration is not available for certain programs or courses. Students in these programs or courses must complete a paper registration form. Contact the Graduate and Professional Center for more information about the registration process for the following programs or courses:

  • Audits
  • Education Technology Alumni Program
  • Independent Studies/Course Tutorials
  • Study Abroad Programs
  • Undergraduate Classes

APU Net ID and Password

To log in to your account you will need the APU Net ID and password that was sent to you when first admitted to APU. If you have password difficulties, contact the IMT Support Center at (626) 815-5050 or

Registration Questions or Problems Navigating the Online Registration System

Contact the Graduate and Professional Center at (626) 815-4570 for assistance. Office hours are Monday-Thursday, 8:30 a.m.-5:30 p.m., and Friday, 9:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

For sign in or access problems - Please contact the IMT Support Center at or (626) 815-5050.

For enrollment questions - Please contact the Undergraduate Enrollment Services Center at or (626) 815-2020.

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