Monrovia Site Email to Print Solution

Monrovia Site Pay for Print Solution:

  1. Go to and login using APU issued credentials with password.
  2. Compile email message to
  3. Attach documents (files) to print. (Supported extensions are .pdf, .docx, pptx, .xlsx, & .rtf)
  4. Press ‘Send’
  5. After receiving confirmation email from then go to the printer.
  6. Use the card swipe reader attached to machine.


  1. Swipe card and confirm the amount of Cougar bucks available for the print job by selecting the "OK" button.


  1. On the printer main window, select “Print Release”


  1. Then select the “Print” button. The print job will release from that printer.


  1. Select “OK” and Sign Out after documents have been printed.
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