Click-to-Dial Setup

After sending in your phone's MAC Address and getting put on the approved list, you will be able to use Cisco's Click-to-Dial Chrome extension, which is called Cisco Dialer (Beta).


1. To get started, you'll want to follow this link and then add the extension: Link
(Alternatively, you can search for a new Chrome Extension called Cisco Dialer (Beta) and install it that way.)

2. Once you've added Cisco Dialer (Beta) to Chrome, a configuration page should open up. (If it doesn't just right click on the extension icon in the top right of Chrome then click "Options")

3. On the Configuration page you'll want to click "Show advanced options", then proceed to fill out the form.

  • The "Phone Address" will be your phone's IP Address, which can be found by looking at your phone, clicking Settings, going to Network Configuration, and then selecting IPv4 Configuration. The second option on the following list should be your IP Address.


  • Set the United States as your Country, and check both boxes in under the "Functions" header.
  • Under "Authentication" in the Username field enter your netID, and in the password field enter your phone's extension.
  • Under the "Telephony URI" header, enter Dial:71{number}
  • Finally, click Save. After this, you should be able to use the extension whenever you mouse over a phone number in Google Chrome (such as while you are using Salesforce or similar services) by clicking the little phone icon. Clicking on that icon should immediately start your phone dialing the number you selected.
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