How to recover your deleted Gmail and Drive documents using Backupify

Backupify is an app that is provided to all members of the APU community. The purpose of the app is to browse and restore Gmail, Google Drive files, Google Calendar events, and Google Contacts. IMT Support Center can aid in locating and restoring lost items administratively, however Backupify offers a self service tool to allow all users to browse and restore their own deleted content. 

Please Note: IMT has already backed up your G Suite data with Backupify. There is no action required on your part.

Getting Started

  1. Click on the app.png application launcher found on the top right corner of Gmail and Drive, scroll down to the bottom and select back.png Backupify
  2. Click on the Log in with Google button and select your APU Google account
    Note: Signing in for the first time can take a minute or two
  3. You can browse the tabs at the top of the screen to load either Gmail, Drive, Calendar, or Contacts backup data. You can also click on the down arrow in the search box to bring up the advanced search feature.

How to Restore Your Own Data

  1. Locate the item to restore by browsing or searching and select it by clicking the checkbox to the left of the item.
    Pro Tip: You can restore one item, or multiple items at a time
  2. Click the blue Restore button on the top right of the screen, review the item(s) to be restored, and then start the restore by clicking the Restore button.
    Restored items will appear under a “Backupify Restore” folder or label in your Google Apps service

Please see the attached Backupify User Guide for more instructions on how to use Backupify.




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